Venue and Transportation


Kista is a Stockholm suburb situated between Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Stockholm City. Forum is a building in Kista (pronounced “she-sta”, by the way) that houses the VMBO workshop organizers — the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV). 

Here are some directions for finding your way to Forum. Once inside Forum the room to look for is 510.


1. Approaching Kista by Metro. (40s). Kista is the first open air station when you come from Stockholm City.


2. From Metro platform to Kista Galleria entrance. (2m10s). Use the northern exit from the platform. This is in the direction of where the train is going.


3. From Kista Galleria to Forum entrance. (2m30s). Pass right through Kista Galleria. Forum is the white building on your left hand side.


4. From Forum entrance to Room 510. (2m30s). Inside Forum the room to look for is 510. The main entrance is on floor 4, so you need to go up one floor. There are sign posts all over the place and we will put up extra signs. You need to enter a code at one door at the 5th floor. Read the blog post “Door code is activated” for instructions on how to get it.

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There are some alternatives to go from Arlanda Airport to either Stockholm City or Kista.

Bus: Flygbussarna AB is the company serviceing the airport. There are some departures that stops at Kista. Check the tables.

Train: Arlanda Express is the train company that operates the shuttle. No stops at Kista, though.

Taxi: Taxi Stockholm, Taxi Kurir, or Taxi 020 are taxi companies that offer a set fee for transport to Stockholm City or Kista. Beware of taxis that do not offer this.