Program (pdf, 0.5 MB)

Monday (9/2)

9.00  Opening

9.05 – 10.00  Keynote 1.

Modeling Multi-party Collaborations in e3value and REA: An Example and Some Preliminary Observations. Bill McCarthy – Michigan State University; Rainer Schuster, Thomas Motal – Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems, Vienna University of Technology. (Slides .ppt, 2.3MB).

10.00  Coffee break.

10.30 – 12.00  Paper session 1 (Semantic Interoperability). Session Chair: Geert Poels.

REA and XBRL GL – An Integrating Approach. Johannes Buder, Carsten Felden, Claudia Kosc. TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

Management of large scale knowledge bases through contextualization. Anders W. Tell, Erik Perjons KTH Stockholm.

12.00  Lunch.

13.00 – 15.00 Paper session 2 (Enterprise Modeling for Strategy Exploration). Session Chair: Hans Weigand.

Conceiving e3-value Business Plans. Wim Laurier, Geert Poels. Ghent University. (Slides .pdf, 0.5MB)

Ways to Creating Better Value Models. Martin Henkel, Erik Perjons, KTH Stockholm.

Designing, Assessing and Visualizing Business Models. Boris Fritscher, Alex Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur. Univ Lausanne. (Slides .pdf, 1.9MB).

15.00 Coffee break.

15.30 – 17.00 Paper session 3 (Business/IT-Alignment). Session Chair: Hans Weigand.

Enterprise Planning Model Using REA Ontology. Frantisek Hunka – Univ of Ostrava; Miroslav Hucka – VSB-TU Ostrava; Josef Kasik, Dominik Vymetal – Silesian Univ in Opava.

Business Value Rules for Business/IT Alignment. Prasad Jayaweera, Michaël Petit. Univ Namur. (Slides .pdf, 0.6MB)

17.00  Closing.

19.00  Dinner.

Tuesday (10/2)

9.00 – 9.45 Keynote 2.

Is POA (Possession, Ownership, Availability) the Precise Semantics of REA? Christian Vibe Scheller, Pavel Hruby, REA Technology.

9.45 Coffee break

10.15 – 12.00 Paper session 4 (Business Ontologies). Session Chair: Paul Johannesson.

Modeling Support Events at the Value Chain and Business Process Levels of the REA Enterprise Ontology. Richard Newmark, Tod Sedbrook, University of Northern Colorado. (Slides .pptx, 0.4MB)

Aspects of a REA Ontology based business service concept in value models. Birger Andersson, Maria Bergholtz, Paul Johannesson – KTH Stockholm; Hans Weigand – Tilburg University.

Applying e3-value ontology to a service-oriented business architecture. Masood Ghasemzadeh, Kayvan Yousefi Mojir. KTH Stockholm

12.00 Lunch.

13.00 – 15.00 Paper session 5 (Internal Control). Session Chair: Maria Bergholtz.

Rethinking EU Trade Procedures – The Beer Living Lab. Ziv Baida, Boriana Rukanova, Jianwei Liu and Yao-Hua Tan – VU Amsterdam. (Slides .ppt, 3.6MB)

Processing Evidence Documents with Semantic Web Technologies. Tod Sedbrook, Richard Newmark, University of Northern Colorado. (Slides .pptx, 0.4MB)

Semantic Specification and Automated Enforcement of Internal Control Procedures within Accounting Systems. Graham Gal – Univ of Massachusetts; Guido Geerts – Univ of Delaware; William McCarthy – Michigan State University. (Slides .ppt, 0.9MB),  (Slides .pptx, 0.3MB) (It’s the same set of slides but in different file formats).

15.00 Coffee break.

15.30 – 16.30 Paper session 6 (Security). Session Chair: Maria Bergholtz.

Risk Assessment of Information Disclosure through an ad-hoc Value-based Modeling of Supply Chains. Paolo Ceravolo, Ernesto Damiani, Cristiano Fugazza, Stefiana Marrara, Olga Scotti, Università degli Studi di Milano. (Slides .pdf, 0.4MB)

Formal Modeling and Analysis of Security Policies Using REA Patterns. Vahid R. Karimi, Donald D. Cowan, Univ of Waterloo.

16.30 – 17.00  General discussion and workshop closing.